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Welcome to 2022 Two Wheel season:


  • Pay everything here! Faster service, less mess 

  • Pre-Order for the season, or weekend​. Pickup at the track

  • Package Discounts

  • Rewards Points Program

    • Tire Rewards

    • Cash Rewards

  • $​10 Flips and Mounts

  • Discounted Hard Parts for every Michelin and Dunlop Rider

  • New team shirts

  • New YOUTH team shirts

  • New Riders / LCR Sponsor Ship

  • New Riders Tire offer

  • Track day events -

    • Private Racers Event 6-12 riders max (2)​

    • Open Advanced Event 80-100 riders (1)

CCS Midwest Race Schedule:

**Double Points   **Twin Sprints **

Excellence in 
Customer Service:


With direct access to our supports, we can get for you what ever you need from the best in the industry.  Also, we do not deal in street apparel, meaning 100% dedication to your sport!

Direct Contingency Support:


Direct Relationship with Manufacturers


We have a program in place for our racers who run Michelin Tires to offer them direct discounts on various items they will need throughout the season!

No middle mass distributors to go through, only us.  We work some of the best in the industry directly to offer the best direct support for you.  We have personal representatives the will quickly answer questions so we can answer faster, and with the precision that is needed.

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