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Two Chances to Earn!

Earn Points, Earn Opportunities to win! Everyone has a chance. Points = Drawing Entries


  • Buy Michelin Tires : 1 Tire / 20 Entries               

  • Championship Points: 1 Point / 1 Entry

  • Winners drawn at the end of the season and announced at banquet.

  • Two Separate drawings, two chances to win!

  • Michelin Riders Only! (Sorry, Dunlop didn't want to come on board)

Simple!  (Must Purchase 4 Tires to qualify. Tires are not transferable.  They will be mounted on your wheels only.)

Tires Rewards:

1st Place ......6 Tires

2nd Place......3 Tires

3rd Place.......2 Tires

4th Place.......1 Tire

Cash Rewards:

1st Place ......$1500

2nd Place......$1000

3rd Place.......$  400

4th Place.......$  100

Finally, we are able to bring you this program!  This is the first year, and there will be questions.  Looking forward to hearing feedback and suggestions.  All of these Rewards are made possible by a fantastic sponsor:


Call 920.850.4000 for all your shipping container needs! Rent | Own | R2O

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